Avoid these actions with your toes to stop hurting your knees

Flat foot can bring about a great deal of problem in future. People with flat feet often suffer from problems like hip pain, pain in the calf muscles, knee pain and plantar fasciitis. There are various exercises that you can do to get rid of the knee pains and other problems of flat feet. The most common exercise that is prescribed for flat feet is picking up the toes. Experts usually suggest that this exercise can strengthen the arch and also improve the arch of the feet with time and also create a small arch.

1 The problem that may arise

Though this exercise of lifting the toes is suggested by doctors, this is not a much preferred exercise. This causes discomfort to the toes because your whole body weight falls on them. This exercise usually works to create an arch but at the same time it does not help the body to move as a whole. Since your foot is not being trained properly to build arches, toe lifting exercises and other toe exercises may make the body unstable and also hurt your knee muscles as well as calf muscles.

The problem that may arise

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