Here is why sharing your bed with your dog is good for you

4 They Warm the bed

The fur on the dog keeps it warm and when it snuggles against us, the warmth spreads to us as well. In cold chilly nights, having a dog sleep under your blanket can double as a room heater and leave you feeling warm safe and secure.

They Warm the bed

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5 They cure depression

Humans have to cope with a lot and in the bargain many end up with depression and the like. This four legged therapist is the best remedy for curing this low feeling as it offers you unconditional love and support at all times. Dogs can sense the moods and feelings of humans and immediately snuggle close to them. They nudge and pull, sometimes come and lie on your lap; they want to make their love and presence felt. Their eyes convey the depth of their love and loyalty.

sleeping with dog cure depression

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