Breastfeeding can help lower the risk of breast cancer in African America Women

Breastfeeding can help lower the risk of breast cancer in African America Women


The American Cancer Society (ACS) recently issued a report that states that African- American women are prone to breast cancer just like other white women. Off late we have come to know that African-American women are more likely than women of all other ethnicities to be diagnosed with breast cancer of an advanced stage and that too at a younger age. Women of African-American origin are also more likely to die from breast cancer than any other women of any other ethnicity. However, the good news is that the risk of developing breast cancer can be reduced to an incredible extent if one can go for effective weigh management, regular exercising and breastfeeding.

The new data issued by the American Cancer Society has drawn great attention from the masses as it has brought with it some serious breast cancer information for women of African- American origin. There are a number of barriers in the African-American community and so it is extremely vital for everyone to have access to education about breast cancer, its risk factors and ways to prevent it. Studies have revealed a number of risk-reducing steps that are advisable to be followed by everyone irrespective of their ethnicity.

1 What can women do reduce risks of breast cancer?

Doctors at the ACS have come up with a few powerful steps that are known to stop and reverse the rising risk of breast cancer. It is essential for women to maintain a healthy weight and indulge in regular exercising for a healthy and positive life with a reduced risk of breast cancer. For pre-menopausal African-American women who are expecting children in the future, there is a potential way to minimize the risk of breast cancer to an incredible extent. Breastfeeding has come off as a highly beneficial way to reduce breast cancer risks, even the risk associated with the most aggressive types of breast cancer for which there are limited treatment options.

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2 Suggestions for all women

So, with this powerful combination of healthy weight management, exercising regularly and breastfeeding (if possible), African-American women are likely to lower their risk of breast cancer and stay preventive against even the most aggressive forms of the disease. However, we should note that these steps do not only apply to only African-American women, but in fact, women of all origins can adopt these effective measures to kick off cancer risks from their lives.

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3 Greater benefits of breastfeeding!

A number of scientific studies in the last decade have brought to light that breastfeeding babies is a great way to avoid the risk of breast cancer in women. It has also been found that women who choose not to nurse their babies are more likely to be prone to the condition. Such findings have amassed various benefits of breastfeeding babies. Apart from reducing breast cancer risks, breastfeeding is also known to improve the immune system and prevent breathing difficulties too. Findings have proved that women who breastfeed their babies experience a drop in the chances of developing breast cancer. In fact, a woman’s average risk of developing breast cancer which presently stands at 1 out of 12 decreases by four percent for each year that she breastfeeds. Such researches have come off as a great relief indeed!

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4 How breastfeeding reduces cancer risks?

Medical specialists are of the view that the differing hormone levels that occur as a result of breastfeeding play a vital role in keeping breast cancer risks at bay among women. The hormones progesterone and estrogen have been associated with tumors and so breastfeeding acts as a natural preventing mechanism aiding in lowering these two hormone levels.

Doctors suggest that breastfeeding is able reduce breast cancer, also due to the secretion of oxytocin which is a hormone that is secreted during breastfeeding that may protect cells from cancerous attacks. So it can be so that oxytocin that helps in the production of more milk in the body may somehow act as a protective shield against breast cancer for women who breastfeed their babies.

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Such findings have indeed come off as a great boon and are encouraging everyone; even the modern working women to breastfeed their babies as the practice is coming off as natural way of reducing breast cancer risks and a benefiting way of maintaining good health both for the baby and mother.

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