Methods of cooking that makes your food toxic and bad for health

The way you cook food is just as important as the way you eat it. Did you know that not all methods of cooking are healthy so before you gorge on those rare steaks, think for a while is it really good for you? No food is healthy when not cooked thoroughly. Moreover carcinogens or cancer causing agents can be produced while smoking, grilling or frying your meat.

Certain types of cooking can also damage all the nutrients in your food. Proteins in meat can be damaged to the extent of being detrimental to your gut health. Certain friendly fats in food could be altered when exposed to high heat and chemicals which could then turn into dicarbonyl responsible for cell mutation and tumors. Here are 8 toxic methods of cooking which can damage your food.

1 Simmering

While simmering or cooking food on a slow fire is one of the better ways to ensure thoroughly cooked food, simmering for lengthy periods isn’t acceptable as it can denature proteins in meats. That could cause protein cells to mutate and become carcinogenic. Simmering is ideal for vegetables but they should never be overcooked.

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