Do you share your bathroom with others? Check your toothbrush; it has ‘fecal matter.’

All of us have learnt the fact that ‘sharing things is a good habit.’ As children, we were taught about the virtue of sharing. We were encouraged to share our room, food, or toys with our siblings, friends, and neighbors.
As we grow up, we hear people uttering about the goodness and benefits of sharing: sharing your eatables with the poor, brings prosperity; sharing one’s feelings, brings solutions; sharing the grievances, brings relief; and so on. But is the same thing true about sharing a bathroom with someone? Certainly NOT!

Bathroom sharing has many drawbacks such as messed up toilet accessories, wet towel or floor, and a disgusting toilet seat. Apart from these troubles, an adverse communal bathroom problem which needs attention is the contaminated toothbrushes. What can be more shocking than having fecal matter in one’s toothbrush? And adding into the disastrousness is the fact that this filth is from someone else, probably your sharing partner.

1 Fecal matter spreads by flushing

A very old myth about the germ and disease spread by toilet still persists. Many people think that flushing the toilet eliminates all the chances of muck. That is not true! Flushing brings about increased chances of germ propagation, indeed. Therefore, it should be a regular adopted habit to cover up the toilet, while flushing.

Fecal matter spreads by flushing

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