Do you share your bathroom with others? Check your toothbrush; it has ‘fecal matter.’

3 Favorable conditions to grow on toothbrush

Usually a toothbrush is not a medium provider for bacterial growth. But due to the moist condition it retains from constant use, food particles from the mouth, and insufficient cleaning habits, the microorganisms find a favorable environment to survive on the toothbrushes. Moreover, sometimes the left over toothpaste and blood perhaps from bleeding gums also serve the function of a help provider. Furthermore, the long bristles of the toothbrushes make their removal difficult. In spite of considering these devastating factors, even the most advertised and promising toothpaste fails to prevent the spread of microorganisms. Rather, all these attributes make the toothbrush even more contaminated than a toilet seat.

Favorable conditions to grow on toothbrush

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