Effective remedy for boosting immune system in 15 seconds

Our bodies are amazingly made, they fight against viruses, bacteria, cancer cells and allergens every second of every day. Have you ever thought from where does your body get the ability to fight against such allergens? Well, it is your immune system that provides your body the ability to effectively fight against any allergen and infection. Your immunity will make a huge difference on how you feel after a hectic day. You will never feel weak and suffer from any kind of disease if you have a strong immune system, but if your immunity is low, then you may experience too much fatigue and weakness. Your immune system makes millions of white blood cells that help your body to effectively fight against any infection.

There are several remedies available for boosting the immune system. But here, we are going to talk about an amazing therapy which will improve your immune system in just 15 seconds.

1 The ‘soaking of feet in cold water’ treatment

Professor Sergei Bubnovski, a Chinese medicine specialist at the University of Moscow came up with a simple method to rejuvenate the immune system within 15 seconds. According to the professor, you can boost your immune system within 15 seconds by simply soaking your feet in cold water.

The ‘soaking of feet in cold water’ treatment

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