Emotional freedom technique or tapping Is the new self healing process for several ailments


Emotional Freedom Technique is the latest among alternate therapy techniques involving the emotional and physical aspects of our neurosystem in curing and healing various problems. When you look at it from a physiological perspective, there is no reason to doubt such methods of healing al because it is based upon the fact that stress causes disease. That entirely true where stress is responsible for aches and pains, poor digestion and ulcers.

Founded on the principles of Chinese acupuncture Emotional freedom technique also involves activating and distressing points along the energy circuit running through our bodies. The only difference between the two is that EFT unlike acupuncture doesn’t rely on physical factors like needles but relies on actions that releases the negative emotions pent up in our bodies. Here’s what you need to know about this amazing technique called simply tapping.

1 The benefits of EFT or Tapping

Tapping involves a simple technique of concentrating on an emotional issue while massaging a meridian point corresponding to it. Performed in the right manner it provides you the dual benefit of cognitive therapy and the physical features of meridian stimulation. Tapping is akin to psychic healing where you can be your own healer.

Science has proved how negative emotions cause adverse effects on the physical body. Tapping can address these issues through the right emotional channel pinpointing the source of pain. Emotional freedom technique involves a nine point system combined with a verbal meditative type quiet chanting. The words help you to channel your positive energies towards the core of the problem. Tapping is in effect a stimulation of energy channels which clear up blockages caused by negative energy. The nine points are the meridian points that trap the positive energy and help it flow throughout the body, thus creating a positive effect throughout your body.

The benefits of EFT or Tapping

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2 EFT is an easy and simple process. Follow these steps

  • Step 1: Choose an emotional or physical issue you want to address which is plaguing you the most such as a sore neck, anxiety, or poor performance.
  • Step 2: label the level of your problem on a scale of 10 to 10.This establishes the severity of the issue.
  • Step 3: Choose a positive phrase for the chanting. The phrase should be such that it identifies the issue and reinforces your own confidence and establishes a point of focus. Example: ‘though I am bad tempered, I am a good person”. “Although I am weak in algebra, I can improve”. “Although I am prone to depression, I shall be positive”. The essence of the statement should be addressing he negative issue while aiming to change
  • Step 4: Start the massaging or tapping on the various nine points as depicted below. While tapping repeat your phrase such as mentioned earlier. Start from the topmost point and work your way down. You can also interchange or mix the points on left and right sides of your body
  • Step 5: When you finish now reassess your negative level of the issue which you established in step 2. Does it seem as serious as before? Is it a 9 as you thought before or is it now a 3. This is what EFT seeks to cultivate in your mind. Not to give your problems the negative intensity to control you. Looking at your problems positively with confidence may well give you the ability to solve them. If your problem persists repeat the exercise again. You can change your phrase.
EFT is an easy and simple process

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3 The Nine Tapping Points

  1. Crown of head: intersection of ear to ear crossed by line from nose to head
  2. Eyebrow: Inner edge of eyebrow above the nose
  3. Under eye: Bone directly under pupil
  4. Side of eye: bone located on outer edge of eye
  5. Chin: In the centre of the crease of the chin
  6. Under nose: between bottom of nose and upper lip
  7. Collarbone: junction of sternum (breast bone), first rib and collar bone. 2 inches from midpoint left and right
  8. Armpit: 4 inch below armpit for women and aligned with nipple for men
  9. Wrist: 3 points on each wrist

Besides these there is also what is known as the karate chop point. This is found on the side of the hand or the fleshy part below the little

The Nine Tapping Points

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4 EFT is great for depression, anxiety and curing ailments caused by negativity

Emotional Freedom technique is simple to perform and is almost like a daily meditative technique. It is beneficial for those facing emotional issues, depression and lack of confidence to solve emotional problems on their own. Several people also face overtly stress jobs that place a huge amount of demands such as impractical target based issues of performance. Those who work alone with no help will also find this relaxing technique relieving much of the stress associated with work.

EFT is great for depression

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