You need to read this if you hear voices while reading

Hearing voices which have no source is weird beyond doubt, but yet it is very common to all of us and we hardly realize that we are experiencing it because we have become so much accustomed to this occurrence. This happens when we are reading something in our mind. The experience is majorly common to us except for dyslexic children and some patients who do not have access to their subconscious voices because of the issues they face. Why we are able to read subconsciously has been a point of research for a long time.

1 How does it happen?

When we are given a reading material and we start reading it in our mind and not aloud, we actually use a subconscious voice to do so. Here we hear ourselves but others cannot hear our voice. At times, while reading a letter from someone we can even hear his or her voice rather than ours.

How does it happen?

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This occurs because humans have a subconscious voice and they tend to hear it when they are thinking. If you are familiar to someone else’s voice, you can even hear them speaking when you think of them or read a letter from the person. The same happens when you read a book from which a movie has been adapted and you have seen the movie and the characters.

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