Homely remedies to eliminate toothaches

The dreaded toothache is one the most unbearable pain one experiences multiple times. The toothache not only gives a pain which not only irritates, but also makes doing other things difficult. Toothache makes eating, drinking difficult. It also makes laughing difficult. Not only the toothache, but also the dentist’s treatment for the pain is also pain, even under anaesthesia.

But there are home remedies that one can try out in comfort of home and get relief in instant.

1 Use Black Cumin Oil

Take one teaspoon of cumin oil and half teaspoon of vinegar, mix them together and heat it using some fire for a while. Cool the mixture down and use it to rinse your mouth every 2-3 hours.

This remedy works excellently on swollen gums and tooth pain caused by swollen gums.

Use Black Cumin Oil

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