This homemade solution will easily remove Brown Spots and Blemishes on your Skin

Age spots are common facial marks that appear as you mature. Although harmless, these could pose a problem where looks are concerned if there are too many of them. This could well be a cause for worry as it also lowers morale and makes you self conscious of your looks.

Here is an effective trick to get rid of age spots using two surprisingly common items found at home. The first step in removing age spots is to locate the source at what is causing them. Although ageing is one common factor, lifestyle and diet too can cause them. This leads to eliminating and preventing their occurrence from its source.

1 The many reasons for age spots

Being exposed to sunlight for long periods of time can cause age spots due to the harmful effects of UV rays of the sun. Even though you may enjoy a good tan, UV exposure can do your skin a great deal of harm.

Long term exposure to sunlight causes an increase in melanin the ingredient which gives skin, hair and nails color. Dark people usually have more melanin in their body. This is also what causes dark blotches after sun exposure due to overactive melanin in those particular areas. These spots remain and are referred to as age spots because as you age, your bodily response to neutralize the effect of melanin decreases.

The many reasons for age spots

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