If you laugh when you tickle yourself, then you might be having this serious disorder…

Did you ever try tickling yourself to see if it makes you laugh? Do you know it’s impossible to tickle yourself? But!! If you just tickled yourself out of curiosity and it did make you laugh, then my friend it’s time for you to see a psychiatrist, because we can’t tickle ourselves, it’s just impossible!! You may be scared to know this, but studies have now proved that self-tickling is linked to schizophrenia.

But those who can may be suffering from symptoms of schizophrenia!!! Scared, well after you finish tickling yourself one more time since you want to be sure, do read on, to know how a scientific study has verified such claims.

1 According To Science, Tickling Yourself Is Impossible

It is a scientifically proven fact that tickling yourself is virtually impossible. However explanations to that effect have never really been provided generally and its one mystery that is yet to be understood.

The ability to tickle oneself, to go into throes of laughter isn’t funny at all. The action is linked to an underlying mental disease and warrants an immediate visit to a doctor.

An in-depth study way back in 2000 discovered the unseeingly possibilities of the presence of mental disorders with the ability to tickle oneself. The study concluded that only those with some levels of schizophrenic behavior had the ability to tickle themselves while normal people could not.

According To Science, Tickling Yourself Is Impossible

Image Source: www.medicaldaily.com

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