Her obesity made her immobile till she changed and the results will amaze you

For every woman a slim sexy figure is the ultimate goal but there are some who couldn’t care less when it comes to gorging on food. Fortunately for many giving in to temptation, the biggest eye opener is the mirror when you see one day you’ve turned into this obese disfigured blob that you can’t even recognize.

Once classic example is Karen Sharpe a 37 year old Mother who just couldn’t stop eating until she realized one fine day she was really fat!! Not only that her obesity made her immobile and took a toll on her life too making her unhealthy.

1 Her constant overeating was controlling her

Karen Sharpe was so into overeating she just couldn’t resist all kinds of food. For Karen meal times consisted of takeaways and fast food. Her weight mushroomed till she not only looked fat, she became obese. Her problem was totally out of control. Her health was failing and it completely destroyed her peace of mind.

Karen Sharpe was so into overeating

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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