Know how the cause of your pain could be related to your spine

There is theory among many people that everything in our body is interconnected. The senses travel through a very complex system of message sending and receiving nerves, which send and receive messages from different parts of body and from different parts of the body to the brain.

All this happens in a millisecond. Sometimes when any part of your body hurts, it can mean an injury whether external or internal. But sometimes, when a body part is paining, it can be related to problems with some different organ of the body. One such part of body that may affect many other parts of the body, if it is damaged is the spine.

Read along to find out what damage to which part of the spine brings problems for which different part of the body.

1 Intervertebral discs of neck = Ears

It is perfectly agreeable that when something is connected to the nerves in the spinal vertebrae of the neck, it is bound to have some effects on the parts of face like ears, eyes etc.

Hence if you suddenly start to hear a ringing sound in your ears or you suddenly experience vision problems. Even things like difficulty in swallowing your food, these body malfunctions can be easily traced back to some kind of dysfunction in the intervertebral discs in your neck.

An intervertebral disc (or intervertebral fibrocartilage) is a cartilage that lies between adjacent vertebrae in the vertebral column. This is to allow a bit of movement in the vertebrae and it also holds the vertebrae together.

 Intervertebral discs of neck = Ears

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