Know what compassion meditation is and how it can help you in regulating your anger

Have you been battling some outflow of emotions that you have been finding difficult to contain? You have been getting angry at things as small as someone even moving some of your objects. If it happens once or twice, you can leave them behind as isolated incidents.

But if they become regular instances and your short temper starts to affect other people’s behavior towards you, it is a serious matter of concern. If you are short tempered with people around you, they will respond in the same way as you do. Your temper will have far reaching effects than you think of.

Here is a wonderful way of meditation that has proven to be excellent when it comes to getting rid of anger and controlling this short tempered behavior. Read on to find out what it is and how it can benefit you in both short and long term.

1 What is compassion meditation?

Compassion meditation is one of the many forms of mindfulness meditation techniques. In this form, you calm yourself down via meditating and fill yourself with thoughts of kindness and love both towards outward as well as inward direction.

You need to practice love and kindness before you move to compassion. This trains your mind to develop the tools necessary for this meditation. Compassion takes time to develop and for beginners it is a difficult task to show compassion when things get tough.

One also needs to be sincere in this mediation to gain full benefits from it. If one is not sincere and focused, then only thing that they will be able to show will be false compassion.

What is compassion meditation?

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