This is how lack of sleep affects your brain

In today’s world of cut throat competition, people are sacrificing many things in order to step up the corporate ladder or the business world. One of the biggest things sacrificed in the race of success is sleep.

Sleep is something that all people tend to skip on their quest for work, study or just indulging in their vices. People have so many things to do, that they don’t find enough hours in the day that they spend awake; hence they have to reduce the hours they sleep.

People can get many things done while skipping on the sleep, but sleep deprivation is not a good thing. People know the harm lack of sleep causes and yet they tend to ignore it. Lack of sleep tends to not only hurt physically, but it also tends to mess you up mentally as well. And here are the 4 ways sleep deprivation mess up with your brain.

1 Makes you age faster

Lack of sleep is very damaging to your age. It increases the process of aging. Not only you start to look old, but also start to feel old when it comes to mental side. You thought process becomes slow and sluggish.

The symptoms closely mimic early onset of dementia and if the habit is carried on for a long period of time, it can also cause early death. Irregular sleeping patterns and lack of sleep also causes your metabolism to slow down. This results in your food not been digested properly and the body does not receive the amount of nutrients it should.

Hence even your skin and body shows signs of early aging.

Makes you age faster

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