Look out for these toxic ingredients in cosmetics that are dangerous and harmful

If you thought FDA wasn’t stringent enough about quality regulation about food then the world of beauty products will horrify you! Firstly, according to the FDA website “Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, cosmetic products and ingredients do not require FDA approval before they go on the market.” Even so, the FDA tries to gather safety information but the cosmetic industry is dangerously unregulated.

Therefore, you should check the ingredients list on your cosmetics as thoroughly as you check ingredients list on your food items.Now, there are many ingredients you must avoid but we bring you the most dangerous toxic ingredients in cosmetics.

1 Synthetic colors

A quick tip – anything synthetic in food or cosmetics is not such a great idea. In any case, if you have looked at any cosmetic product label, you would have noticed FD&C or D&C; they represent artificial colors. F means food and D&C represents drug and cosmetics.Usually it is followed by color and numbers. These synthetic colors are extracted from petroleum and Coal Tar (Phenylenediamine) present in hair dyes too. These are human carcinogens; they irritate skin and are often linked to ADHD in children. Need we say more?

Synthetic colors

Image Source: www.ww.shapefit.com

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