Massage the fingers of your hands to resolve many health issues

It has been mentioned in ancient medicine texts from China and India that the whole o our body is interconnected by the means of nerves and blood vessels. Therefore an ailment in any one of the organ in the body can be easily cured by performing some action on the said connecting organ. The texts record that medical experts of that time found out that the fingers of our hands are connected to various organs in our body and they found out that any ailments or pains in the said organ can be given relief by doing a very simple thing to the connected finger. Find out which finger is connected to which organ.

1 The thumb

The thumb is connected to the lungs in our body. When you press on your thumb and massage it to get rid of some of the problems related to lungs and even the heart. If you suffer from fast heart beats and a high pulse rate, massaging your thumb will lead to the pulse rate to lower and become normal again.

Pressing The thumb

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