Natural hair loss treatment with onion juice and honey

Hair loss is a natural process but it worries people and gives them nightmares that they will soon go bald. Though numerous hair loss treatments are available in market, it is best to try some homemade remedies for restricting the hair loss.

1 Reasons for Hair Loss

Before debating on hair loss therapy, it is of relevance if we discuss on some worthy reasons for hair loss. Though hair loss can have numerous reasons, some of the commonly identified are as follows:

Physical stress: Physical stress at work leads to hair loss. With a person being occupied with thoughts of work all the while, effect is likely to be felt on your scalp too and is seen in the form of hair loss.

Too Much of Vitamin A: Overdose of vitamin A too has been identified as a prime cause of hair loss. According to American Academy of Dermatology, 5000 International Units are recommended per day. Any amount over this dose has a detrimental role in hair loss.

Lack of proteins in diet, hormonal changes and scalp infections are some of the other prominent reasons for hair loss.

 Reasons for Hair Loss

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