A little mix of olive oil and salt will give you relief from neck pain

Times have changed and the technological times have led to stressful living conditions. Gone are the days when man could embrace a little leisure at the cost of a holiday. These days, people bring their work home, and are seen working on their PC’s or laptops, till the wee hours. Holidays are passed over, for overtime work, which is basically done to make an extra buck. Neck pain or oesteochondrosis, is fast becoming a major health issue amongst the youngsters. While conventional medicines don’t come without harmful side-effects, here is a natural remedy combining two simple ingredients which will work wonders. Let us see how a mixture of olive oil and salt can cure neck pain effectively.

1 The Manifestation of Neck Pain

Neck osteochondrosis can be a really painful and troublesome health condition. This manifests in the growing bone and is commonly found in the joints of children and teenagers. Though, it is quite painful and can restrict movement in that particular area causing distress, the good news is that, it can be healed. When used in the right way, this miraculous remedy can not only eliminate pain, but can also aid in reducing its frequency. This is basically a massage mixture made from olive oil and sea salt. It has been proven that, after undergoing this treatment, the patient can be symptom free for the next five years.

Manifestation of Neck Pain

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