She thought eating less would make her fit but It had a negative effect instead

So you want to lose weight and you’ve started eating less. You have also starting working out? Well should I say Good for you?? Not a chance because what you’re doing is one of the most common and dangerous mistakes people make when trying to get fit , lose weight and be healthy. You will achieve just the opposite not forgetting a possible condition of low blood sugar too.

Dieting doesn’t mean eating less, it means eating correctly. This woman found that to be true after she went through a bitter experience. Through her own mistakes and wrong perception of fitness she achieved the opposite until she put more calories on her plate and it worked out just fine. This also proves that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and when you are unsure about nutrition and fitness, consult a trainer or nutritionist.

1 Madalin Frodsham was committed to a fitness routine but wasn’t achieving results

Madalin Frodsham dedicated 2016 to fitness and promised herself she would achieve her goals to become fit. To achieve this she started observing Kayla Itsines HIIT or High intensity workout and even lowered her calorie intake
A considerable amount of time passed by which may have been a few months, but there was no results. Obviously there wouldn’t be because she was doing something very wrong. She was gaining weight instead. So she did the next best thing.

Madalin Frodsham dedicated 2016 to fitness

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