Osteoporosis ( bone disease) and Your Challenging Life: Causes and Preventions

Learn how osteoporosis affects your body and how can you prevent from it. This disease can shorten your healthy lifestyle…

The risk of Osteoporosis

Everyone is completely aware of osteoporosis which is the known bone disease. This involves softening of the bones. The bones become weak and you become unable to walk and are always at risk of breaking your bones even with normal exertion such as accidently bumping into someone or something and any minor or serious fall. When the diseases get severe it also results in bone breakage just due to sneezing. Having a work routine and learning about the symptoms your body is giving about osteoporosis then you need to take immediate action on it before anything gets severe.

Not only natural but there are certain genetic risks too that might lead to osteoporosis. The common genetic factors causing osteoporosis are:

• Hispanic and black women have low risks of having osteoporosis than white women

• Slim women may have high risk of bone weakening

• Family history


Image source : scienceblogs.com

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