Osteoporosis ( bone disease) and Your Challenging Life: Causes and Preventions

• Other Causes

Medicines such as prednisone, cortisone, glucocorticoids and hydrocortisone are the common drugs that can lead to osteoporosis. Some medical conditions can also be the cause. Apart from these excess use of alcohol and unhealthy lifestyle is also one of the reasons that result in osteoporosis.

How to Treat/Prevent Osteoporosis?

Cutting the activities that are bad for your health is the first thing you can do to prevent osteoporosis.

• Increase Consumption of Vitamin D and Calcium


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Anyone who is suffering from osteoporosis needs to have a check on their calcium and vitamin D. this helps knowing the amount required by the body and you can start consuming it through food or even supplements to help your body gain power. If you are taking supplements then consume dosage no more than 600mg. You need to take these supplements three times in a day. You can also take in these salts through meals such as dairy products, green vegetables and fortified foods.

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