Osteoporosis ( bone disease) and Your Challenging Life: Causes and Preventions

• Tobacco and Alcohol

Excess use of both can lead you to weakening of the bones. It would be best for you to limit your usage. Take two drinks in a day and not more than that. In case you are a smoker then you need to get rid of your addiction as soon as you can. People who smoke 40 percent develop chances of osteoporosis which in some cases can be resulting in breaking of the hip bone.

• Exercises

Avoiding from exercises that involve too much weight as it could be dangerous for you. So whatever exercise you do make sure it involves fewer weights and tough steps. Keep it simple as much as you can.

• Healthy Diet

The most important thing you need to consider is to maintain a healthy diet. Quite all the junk food and eat only what is healthy. This will help you recover soon and help the supplements in functioning better.


Image Source : www.inlifehealthcare.com

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