Our stomachs are dumber than you think! The science behind why we tend to eat too much

So most of us are under the assumption that feeling hungry and eating is a three-tier system! An empty stomach signals your brain to feed it. Your brain intimates you, and you eat. Similarly once your stomach is full, your stomach signals your brain telling it ‘it’s done,’ and you in turn get up to go wash your hands. But studies show that it’s more of a psychological thing than it is a biological cycle. The psychology behind this can be accounted for the reason why we eat too much. Read on to find out more.

1 Appetite research

About twenty years ago, a psychology professor and biologist, Paul Rozin conducted a food theory experiment to prove his hunch that the human body wasn’t particularly programmed to intimate itself on when to start eating and when to stop.

His apparati – two people diagnosed with amnesia. These two persons were rather serious amnesics, incapable of recalling events that happened even just a minute ago. He fed the two persons a meal. Ten minutes later, he fed them another full-fledged meal and they consumed it like they didn’t have a first. And then he fed them another meal, ten minutes later. It was an encore of what had happened during the second meal. One even acclaimed, following the third meal, that he was going to take a walk and grab some lunch. Rozin carried out the same experiment three times in a day and the results were invariant.

Appetite research

Image Source: www.emotionresearcher.com

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