Fitness and health in later life can be affected if your baby is born premature

Having a baby is the most beautiful experience for any couple. The little bundle of joy brings so much happiness and excitement in the lives of the people that their every living minute becomes a moment to remember for them.

But some parents experience the birth of their baby before the duration of the normal 9 months is over, due to many reason and factors. Life and survival become a challenge for such babies and sometimes, their premature birth becomes a challenge even in their later life.

With today’s medical advancement, the survival rate of the premature babies has risen quite significantly and doctors are even able to figure out what complications and challenges the baby could face in his growing adult life.

But a recent research study has shown that premature babies have a worrying threat to their health in adulthood.

1 Premature babies and reasons for premature birth

A premature baby is a baby born before the completion of 9 months of pregnancy. Usually a baby is termed premature if it is born before 37 weeks. This leads to them developing many health complications and they have to stay in a hospital for a longer period of time when compared to normal birth babies.

Preterm birth can happen due to various reasons and complications such as multiple pregnancies, abnormally shaped uterus, cone biopsy of the cervix, age younger than 17 and older than 35, being underweight when pregnancy began and many more such factors.

Babies, who are born preterm, face many obstacles and quite a lot of health complications which are discusses on the next page.

Premature babies and reasons for premature birth

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