Read the fascinating fact about what happens when you crack your knuckle

“Don’t Crack Your Knuckles” should have been the most common phrase that you would have heard from your grand ma when you inevitably loosened your fingers. The feeling of cracking the knuckle is greatly satisfying. It kinds of relieves the joints of all the built up tension in them and gives them a flexible feeling.

We all have been thinking why our knuckles crack and what makes them pop and whether doing so repeatedly over the years is harmful or not. But now the researchers in Canada have explained the process of knuckle cracking with a more modern scientific point of view.

1 Knuckle cracking and old beliefs

From the Ye old days, knuckle cracking has been given a very bad rap. Each and every one despised the sound knuckles made when they cracked and popped. Elders used to scare kids in order to stop them from cracking their knuckles. Most of times, they were told that their fingers would break if they cracked their knuckles repeatedly. Hence that developed an interesting question, whether knuckle cracking was really that bad?

Knuckle cracking and old beliefs

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