The unknown relation between sleeping and substance addiction and abuse

Sleeping is a very important activity for our body, as it has been found that sleep recharges the body. For getting a good night’s sleep, a person has to be relaxed, a bit tired and has to have a set routine to fall asleep. But people who have addiction to harmful substances like alcohol, drugs and recreational chemicals, tend to suffer from skewed sleep cycle and also insomnia. Majority of substance abusers complain of insomnia and use drugs in order to try and get to sleep and give their body a rest.

What they don’t know is that there is a relation between sleep and drug abuse, which can harm them in ways they cannot fathom and can even prove to be fatal. Here is more information on how addiction to drugs and alcohol can prevent the person from having some much needed sleep.

1 Substance addiction

People have addiction of one or more kinds. Sometimes addiction can be positive, but as is with bad things, addiction is more or less harmful for people. Addiction can be of anything; from alcohol, smoking, recreational drug use to hardcore stuff like heroin, cocaine and many harmful things that might give someone a high for some time, but usually ends up killing that person in one way or other.

It has also been found out that people who abuse drugs and alcohol, tend to have trouble getting a good night’s sleep without having their daily fix. They cannot think of falling asleep until and unless they have a glass of their favorite drink or a hit of whatever drug they are abusing.

Substance addiction

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