Sick of falling sick? These super foods will help you boost your immune system

Immune system is one of the most important systems in our body that keeps us safe from diseases and infections. The immune system of our body plays a very essential and a crucial role in maintaining proper health. When our immune system is strong, then any external agent like disease causing germs and bacteria – which can enter our body through food or air – cannot cause any kind of damage to our body. Let’s read more about our immune system and learn which foods can help in boosting our immunity.

1 Everyone gets sick

We live in an atmosphere where trillions of germs exist and breed continuously. Every drop of water that we drink, every single breath we inhale, or every bite of food that we eat, all contain certain kind of germs. So, what do you think makes a person get affected by a disease while others stay healthy in the same environment? It is nothing but the strength of the immune system. A strong system fights against those bacteria and germs and keeps a person safe and protected. A person having a weak immune system may easily catch a disease as his body is more vulnerable and cannot fight bacteria or germs.

Everyone gets sick

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