Prominent signs you’ve had a stroke but you don’t even know it

Prominent signs you’ve had a stroke but you don’t even know it


Stroke is a silent killer attacking you when you least expect it. In fact stroke patients many at times not even realize they could be experiencing the preliminary symptoms of stroke till it’s too late. Here are 8 tell tale signs you’ve had a stroke yet you may even know you’ve just had one or are in the process of experiencing one.

It’s common knowledge that strokes are a result of blood clots in the brain. When the clot begins to bleed or becomes larger, then you’re at high risk of a stroke which can cause fatal damage to your brain.

1 Stroke can paralyze or kill you

If you’ve noticed, most victims of stroke end up paralyzed in some form or the other. That’s because of the nerve and neuron damage suffered by the brain relating to the coordination of those parts of the body. Stroke paralysis can be total or partial. To avoid further damage to your brain while having a stroke, you need to act instantly.
Invariably, people tend to ignore the symptoms related to the onset of stroke. Believe it or not, stroke is a killer and it ranks fifth among leading causes of death in the USA. The only chance of survival is instant recognition you’re having a stroke.

Stroke can paralyze or kill you

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2 You need to know every aspect of what happens during stroke

Where stroke is concerned, you need to learn every aspect of it especially what is known as F.A.S.T which is an acronym for what you need to know about stroke. Keeping this in mind may save your life and teach you how to obtain medical assistance immediately.

In order to function, the brain too like every other organ needs a constant supply of blood from where it draws its oxygen and nutrients.

A blocked blood vessel causing what is called TIA or Transient Ischemic Attack can cause a stroke. When it begins to bleed it is then called a Hemorrhagic stroke. In such a case, there is a high risk of damage to your brain which could also be fatal and result in death. In such an event fast action is necessary.

what happens during stroke

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3 What is FAST?

In several cases, stroke symptoms are mistaken for common ailments and thus ignored, this is something which should never be done as it holds the key to your survival. This is what FAST is all about recognizing the signs you’ve had a stroke:

Face: your face may droop to either sides or sag

Arms: Your arms may go numb and remain that way for several minutes, it could be on or both arms.

Speech: Your speech may become slurred or garbled and you may sound incoherent

Time: time is important as instant medical intervention is required.

What is FAST

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4 Some more symptoms and telltale signs of impending stroke

Frequent migraine or headaches

Impaired vision resulting in blurred or double vision

Confusion and difficulty in thought process, panic delirium and fear. This is due to deprivation of oxygen in the brain.

Frequent symptoms of fatigue

Now take a look at the video below which gives you an in depth explanation of a stroke, its causes and symptoms and what you need to do in the event of having one. The video depicts a woman who actually recorded herself experiencing the condition of TIA. The video also tutors you about signs you’ve had a stroke and FAST and how to act in the event of stroke in which case you may save yours or someone’s life.

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