The way you sleep is the way you dream. Experts say sleeping positions affects your dreams

How do you drift off to dreamland? Do you sleep on your back or on your side? Although you may be asleep. Your brain is in active mode perhaps dispelling but without a rationale sense of organization which is why we dream n non sequences and surreality. That is why some dreams seem extremely vivid or real while others can make no sense.

An interesting study has just discovered that it is your sleep positions affect your dreams and can well determine whether you should be dreaming of something happy or having a nightmare where your feet weigh tons and you just can’t run. It also determines restful or uneasy sleep. The study titled Sleep Position, dream emotions and subjective Sleep Quality, sleep positions can impact how you dream. So read on to find out what sleeping position is desirable to have a good night’s sleep.

1 Sleeping on your right side

According to the study, those sleeping on the right side have a better quality of sleep with happier and positive dreams. Right side sleepers hardly experience nightmares. So before you sleep you know which side you should be lying on.

Sleeping on your right side

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