This pastry chef shares her secrets of how to lose weight by cutting out sweets. Learn how?

Obesity has become one of the leading causes of deaths in the US in the last decade. The obesity rates in US are amongst the highest in the world and every 2 out 3 Americans are considered to be obese now.

And one of the biggest causes of obesity in US has been the increased consumption of fast food and a sugar based diet. Sugar content in the foods that people eat accompanied by a sedentary life style means that we have a classic case of overweight individuals in the population.

But one lady, who herself is a pastry chef, lost impressive amount of weight through sheer will power and kicking her sugar habit in the butt for the sake of health. Here is her story which will give you the motivation and answers to the eternal question in your head – “how to lose weight”

1 Who is Kira Ottaway?

Kira Ottaway is a well-known pastry chef. As a child, she suffered from acute asthma that prevented her from all types of physical labor, including sports and other activities in the physical education class. These factors resulted in her gaining some serious amount of weight. This weight gain was being aided and supported by her addiction to sugar from a young age and she became acutely overweight.

When she graduated from High School, she started working towards her dream of becoming a pastry chef and joined a college to accomplish that dream. And apart form that, she worked on herself to slim down to 170 pounds from 215 pounds in the high school.

Who is Kira Ottaway?

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