People may be treated by hacking into the Nervous System, in the future

The nervous system is a complex network of nerves and a marvel of evolution. Its intricate and organized infrastructure that makes up the central nervous system plays one of the most important roles in the functioning of the human body, without which there would be no coordination between organs and limbs, due to the lack of communicative links to the brain.

However, due to reasons of faulty DNA, aging and disease, problems can arise in the nervous system, leading to neurological dysfunction and disease. Medication can cure the symptoms but not the underlying root causes which can be difficult to determine. However, today, a technique having its origins in ancient practices of stimulating the nervous system through electric eels is being widely used for nervous disorders. TENS or Trans cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is your modern era hacking of the nervous system to ignore faulty conditions and behave normally.

1 Modern Technology and Neuroprosthetics

Modern technology in medicine has produced what is known as neuroprosthetics, with artificial devices, hacking into the nervous system to mimic various functions. Pacemakers are a common example of a neuroprosthetic device as are sensory devices, used in assisting audio and visual dysfunction.

Pacemakers and defibrillators that use closed loop stimulation virtually hack into the nervous system to connect with subconscious emotions. Such techniques enable a patient experience a faster heart beat when excited or scared. It allows them to experience the emotional results of a date.

Modern Technology and Neuroprosthetics

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