People may be treated by hacking into the Nervous System, in the future

2 Light Sensitive Advanced Technology

Visual prosthetics are even more advanced where modern technology has invented a chip that can connect to the eye, which in turn is connected to a video camera equipped with a processor. This enables a visually impaired person to see. At present such devices are still in experimentation and development stage, where the stage of obtaining crude images has been acquired successfully. In the near future, this is bound to see a dramatic success in obtaining clearer images from advanced technology.

In 2003, a protein was discovered in algae by German scientists, which had the ability to enhance light sensitivity in nerve cells. Its ensuing development led to a new branch of technology called optogenetics. The success of the technique involving gene therapy is powerful because of its accurate communication with the nervous system.

Light Sensitive Advanced Technology

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Optogentics went one step ahead from the chip technology, by restoring the optical cells untouched by disease and helping them regain the light sensitivity to improve vision. A special kind of glasses is used to convey information to the newly regenerated cells in a manner that can be interpreted easily.

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