People may be treated by hacking into the Nervous System, in the future

4 Optogenetics and the Brain

The amazing world of optogenetics has opened up new avenues for technology to help epileptics and those suffering from brain disorders. Optogentics will easily bridge the gap of electrical stimulation and recording of neural activity in the nervous system at the same time, a feat which until now was not possible. Optogenetics and light stimulation will enable a conversation with the human brain. In epileptic patients, optogenetics will send signals to the brain to calm it down, thus, preventing impending seizures. This has never been achieved by medication.

Optogenetics will now advance into bioelectronic medicine where organs in the human body will be stimulated with the biochemicals. This will enable highly efficient and effective personalized treatment of the root causes of diseases and disorders in the body. Optogenetics will provide a means of hacking into the nervous system. It is the medicine of the future, which will radically change the lives of many.

Optogenetics and the Brain

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