Try these innovative baking soda beauty treatments for amazing hair and skin

Forget the typical uses of those everyday kitchen items. For instance, you never ever think beyond baking when you see the pouch of baking soda. Or you might never ever think of anything but desserts when you see that jar of sugar. However, of late, we have been discovering some amazing secrets of these kitchen essentials. Do not be surprised if we tell you that something as bland as baking soda can be an elixir for beauty treatments. Wo ho! We got you, did we not? Take a deep breath and explore the treatments for hair and skin that the commonplace baking soda can initiate.

1 Baking soda beauty treatment can bid goodbye to dandruff

With winters here, those sticky dandruff flakes simply refuse to go away. Despite trying all those shampoos and dandruff wiping serums, these stubborn flakes are always at the roots of your hairs and sometimes appear on our clothes too. The easiest solution is to add a spoon of baking soda to lukewarm water and apply the solution by dabbing on the scalp with cotton. Rinse off with shampoo. Trust us, the dandruff flakes will not appear anytime soon.

goodbye to dandruff

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