Use this trick to clear up your Stuffy Nose very Fast


Use this trick to clear up your nasal cavity

Nasal Polyps and Chronic Hypertrophic Sinusitis

Nasal polyps can be described as tumours which are pale-like in appearance. These polyps are created on the sinuses and nostrils mucor surface. Doctors usually diagnose patients with these symptoms as nasal polyposis and chronic sinusitis.

People who usually form secretions which are as thick as peanut butter with tenacious, stringy mucus and mucosal changes are likely to be infected with allergic fungal rhinosinustis. People who possess allergic fungal sinusitis or nasal polyposis are likely to be infected with chronic hypertrophic sinusitis.”.


Use this technique to clear your nasal cavity in two minutes

This technique was formulated by doctors in Russia. This simple technique would help you to get rid of a blocked nasal cavity in 2 minutes. The technique is a breathing exercise which has worked for over 85% people. Try to follow the procedure accordingly.

Squeeze down the affected nose and walk briskly for some time with your mouth closed while walking. You should walk about twenty to thirty steps.

During the process of walking briskly, try to cease your breath until the urge to breathe overwhelms you. After this sit down with your back effectively straight and try focusing on your breathing.


When you release your nostril from the grasp of your mouth, you can continue your normal breathing (ignore deep breaths) and close your mouth. Therefore, inhale oxygen little by little and ignore deep inhalation. During exhalation, try to relax your muscles, especially the respiratory muscles and upper chest.

Get another shallow inhalation before you relax. After each inhalation, try to practice shallow breathing at a relaxed pace.

The purpose of this technique is to maintain your air hunger for about two to three minutes while the body muscles are relaxed. The rate of breathing can be increased during shallow breathing but this is alright.

The above technique seems naïve to clear a stuffed nose but it has worked for people and it still works. After trying our this procedure to clear your nose, it is imperative you breathe through the nose and not the mouth.


Get another shallow inhalation before you relax

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