Want to know how to stay healthy in winter season? Try and avoid these foods and drinks!

Winter is always that favorite time of the year that is awaited by most of us. The nip in temperature, the snowfall, the warm times spent with loved ones beside the bonfire to the steaming cup of coffee in our favorite mug and of course, the year end festivities, we simply love everything about winters.While it can be tempting to knock out the cold winter blues by stocking up on cheerful and bright vegetables from the supermarket, dieticians warn that buying such out-of-the-season produce is unhealthy and no less than a wastage of money. Talking of non seasonal fruits that are usually shipped from long distances, their natural sugars break down and their flavor and nutrition is lost by the time they reach you. Now you must be thinking that chomping on cheese and chocolates and sweets can save you from menace and satiate the foodie in you; however, here you should note that most kinds of fatty, sugary and high carb foods make you more susceptible to common winter illnesses like cold and flu.

So, read on to know how to stay healthy in winter season by staying away from 9 such foods and drinks that you should be avoiding in winters.

1 Asparagus

This is a spring special and so you should not buy it during the winters. The fact is that anything light green in color belongs to the spring and so during winters you should better go for the dark green stuffs as they are fresh with all their nutritional value and flavor intact.


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