Want to know how you are doing healthwise? Get an eye test done

A simple eye test can do more than evaluate your eyesight. It could also save your life. Cautionary indications for a variety of life-threatening diseases can be noticed in the inner mechanisms of the eye. So a trip to the optician could save more than your sight.

Your eyesight may adjust very progressively over time, and you may not even know that you need a solider prescription. Your eye doctor will also do several tests during the eye examination that will rule out eye illnesses such as glaucoma, cataracts or retinal problems.

Along with eye-related apprehensions, eye doctors may even be able to notice other health issues during a complete eye exam. It may be a case that you may even find yourself exiting the eye doctor with a referral to another specialist because of a detailed test that your ophthalmologist performed during your comprehensive eye exam.

Here are some of the diseases that can be detected during a comprehensive eye exam.

1 High level of cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty constituent in the blood vital for the standard functioning of the human body.

But having high amount of cholesterol in your blood can be dangerous, as it raises the probabilities of a heart attack and the worst part is that it doesn’t create any physical symptoms. Small bits of cholesterol can break away from bigger deposits in the body and get stuck in the small blood vessels of the retina.

When inspecting the eye, an optometrist might see tiny yellowish obstructions in the arterial vessels. Also there may be a white ring noticeable within the cornea as a consequence of collected cholesterol deposits.

High level of cholesterol

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