6 Ways to help you grow long luscious beautiful hair

Strong luscious and bouncy hair is the dream of every woman. Unfortunately if you don’t take care of your hair it can become dull and lifeless. For hair to retain its sheen to make it truly your crowning glory you need to nourish it and beautiful hair can’t be achieved in a day.

Lovely hair is the first symbol of a woman’s feminity where long locks are a reflection of your identity. Hair has a definite cycle of growth during which it displays certain characteristics. This article will teach you how to make hair grow longer.

1 The three phases of hair

Hair has three phases. Anagen, catagen and telogen. Each phase is determined by the length of hair. Hair is the body’s response to warmth and protection. Its average growth is ½ inch per month which means in 32 months it grows 16 inches.

Contrary to what you’ve been taught through family traditions, tying up your hair in a ponytail does not help it grow. External factors that inhibit hair growth is clothing, rubber garters, hair clips and even pollution.

Hair has three phases

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