6 Ways to help you grow long luscious beautiful hair

2 Hair growth contributes to nutrients in the body

You’ll be surprised to know that your complete growth of hair contributes to the nutrients in your body. Hair produces nutrients and minerals like calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D which pass into lymphatic fluid and then enter the body through dual ducts on the brain via the spinal fluid.

So if you do have a haircut, you are liable to experience a lack of such nutrients. So it isn’t wrong to say that the biblical Hero Samson indeed attributed his strength to his long lush hair. Unfortunately the internet wasn’t around then so Samson waited quite a while before growing back his strength. You on the other hand are more fortunate enough to receive these 6 effective tips on how to grow your hair longer.

Hair growth

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3 Use a Good Shampoo

Always use a high quality shampoo free from chemicals. It should also have a good conditioner. Avoid shampoos that contain chemicals such as sulphates, silicone and SLS which should be listed among the ingredients.

Use a Good Shampoo

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