6 Ways to help you grow long luscious beautiful hair

4 Wash Your Hair thrice a week in cold water

It isn’t necessary to wash your hair every day. Dermatologists and hair stylists advocate washing hair with cold water three times a week. They also state that washing too often can actually damage hair. Unlike hot water, cold water does not cause hair to become fragile.

Wash Your Hair thrice

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5 Brush and comb your hair in a proper manner

The right kind of comb is extremely important for your hair. A good comb also improves the health of your hair. Never brush your hair to untangle it as it may break, moreover you shouldn’t over brush your hair and neither should it be combed immediately after a bath when wet. This can result in split ends.

Selecting proper comb according to your hair is important as it plays a significant role in maintaining the health of your hair. To brush your tangled hair, use a fine comb so that your hairs don’t break. Don’t over brush your hair and don’t comb it when your hair is wet, it can weaken your hair and can cause split-ends. Use soft hair bristles instead of hard plastic brushes.

 Brush and comb your hair

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