What all can you be feeling when you are depressed?

We all are aware of depression. It is a mental problem with many behavioural, physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms. There is a general tendency among people to use the word ‘depression’, to describe the feeling of sadness which they experience from time to time. However, depression is more than just feeling sad. Depression is a psychological problem that affects an individual emotionally and physically. The feelings of sadness, hopelessness, helpnesses, worthlessness, generation of negative thoughts are the most common symptoms of depression.

There are several factors that can cause depression. Stress, unhealthy life style, consumption of unhealthy foods, and work pressure are some of the factors that can cause depression. Depression is very common these days and according to a WHO Report more than 350 million people of all ages are suffering from depression around the world.
The most interesting thing about depression is that half of the patients don’t even know that they are suffering from depression. This is mainly because the causes and symptoms are not specific. Different people have different feelings during depression. Read on to know about the feelings which people usually experience during depression.

1 You may feel alone

Loneliness is a very common feeling that most of the individuals experience during depression. You may feel that the entire world is against you. The feelings of rejection, sadness and isolation are present in such great intensity that you feel that nobody understands you and you are all alone.

You may feel alone

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