If you have white spots on your fingernails, this is what it means about your health

One of the most important functions of our body is to tell us when there is something wrong. In such instances, our body has several ways of showing it such as a headache, stomach pain and blurred vision in times of low blood sugar. There are many indicators which we may know and take heed but there are others which we just bypass as something unimportant.

Take for instances those unobscure white spots on fingernails. Do we even bother to give them much thought? But!! You’ll be surprised how those little white spots under your nails are an indication that something is very wrong with your body.

1 Why do white spots appear under our nails?

White spots are frequently common and some cultures even have names for them such as kisses and wishes but your body certainly isn’t kissing or wishing you, it’s warning you!!

The medical term for white spots on finger nails is Leukonychia. While some people may have just one or two, others might find them appearing more frequently. The condition is benign and at times may just be the result of an injury whereas in other circumstances, these may be the reasons.

Why do white spots appear under our nails

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