The Wrinkles on Your Face Are Signs That Reveal 15 Things about Your Health

11Lines on your upper lip

When you find deep vertical lines on your upper lip, it is usually because of frequent smoking and more visible in smokers. It is also a result of sun exposure and frequent drinking from a straw.

But, if you are a smoker and notice lip wrinkles, then it could be a sign of a weak spleen as lip wrinkles are linked to the spleen. You need to improve your diet with servings of vegetables such as carrots, and turnips that promote spleen health.

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12Spots that appear on your lips

White bumps and spots on your lips is a sign of poor circulation and usually isn’t a major cause for concern. However white spots and bumps on lips can also mean an unhealthy colon. Get habituated to more physical activity and perform exercises like light jogging and yoga.

The best way to improve the health of your colon is to eat foods rich in fiber. For more severe problems such as bleeding or pain, consult a doctor immediately.

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13Neck lines

These are natural and appear as we age but they are also a sign of weight gain and signal thyroid problems. Neck lines are linked to the thyroid and thus they can signal that something is wrong. The best way to improve thyroid health is by taking foods rich in zinc or zinc supplements (after consultation with your doctor). Reduce gluten intake and consult a doctor to rule out autoimmune disease or thyroid problems.

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14Lines below your lower lip

A line below the lower lip and above the chin signifies pent up negative energy that could also be bad for health. If a line in this area is more visible, take some time out to relax and de-stress yourself.

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15Prominent temple veins

When temple veins appear more visible around the sides of your forehead, it is a sign of high blood pressure and stress. Practice yoga or walking to reduce your blood pressure. Eat foods like bananas that can reduce blood pressure and cuts down on salt consumption. If the veins persist, consult a doctor.

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