10 Bad looking child celebrities that grew up into attractive adults

You all must have heard the story of the ugly duckling. Well sometimes in real life, children who are not that beautiful (from some people’s perspective) turn out to become some of the most handsome and hottest people ever on the planet.

The lesson is that you cannot judge how a person is going to turn out in terms of physical features when they are children. The real development of facial and body features starts during the teenage and continues depending on how a person maintains his/her body.

Here are 10 child celebrities who did have much going for them in the looks department, but turned out to be some of the hottest, most famous and beautiful looking people on Earth.

1 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift born in Pennsylvania in 1989, is a name synonymous with beautiful singing, song writing and looks. She is one of the most successful performers in US history and has a following of millions of fans not only in the US but all over the world.

She has won 7 Grammy awards and also appears in movies as an occasional actress. Known for her height and beautiful looks, Swift is the youngest woman to be listed in Forbes’ 100 most powerful women list in 2015.

Taylor Swift

Image Source: www.answcdn.com

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