10 Gross tell-tale signs to know she is too comfortable in your relationship

When do you know that you relationship has reached a peak point? Obviously you guys are in love, and just can’t get enough of each other, you either talk to them all the time or talk about them all the time to the world. All is rosy and beautiful, right? But exactly when do you reach the zenith ? When both of you are totally comfortable in each other’s company, the gross bodily talks and functions do not bother each other, and when you guys are totally real in front of each other. If all this is happening, and if your girl is showing the following signs, then its time you make it official, atleast in your minds, that you guys are made for each other. However gross these signs might feel, but if she has reached here, your girl is yours. Enjoy reading these, atleast try to:

1 You fart in front of each other

During the starting phase of your relationship, both of you must have tried to present your best and properly polished sides to each other. For girls this also includes not farting in front of you. But then, that inevitable moment will come when she would not be able to control, and if you guys laugh it off, then there is no looking back. From that moment onwards , your girl will not try to stop that boom moment, and you guys would officially be official in your relationship. Well, congrats for entering that stage!

You fart in front of each other

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