10 most scary and creepiest experiments conducted in name of science

Science has helped mankind immensely. It has eradicated some of the deadliest diseases in the history of mankind, easily extending the life expectancy of humans to a great degree. It has also made humans reach the space, the moon and send satellites and robots to other planets. Speaking of robots, they have exponentially helped humans advance in various walks of life and eased the living quality of humans.

But some people in history of mankind took science and used it in their own twisted way. They conducted experiments on animals and humans in order to fulfil some or other scary or creepy fantasy. This resulted in a chapter of science that is both creepy and sad to read.

We present to you 10 of such experiments ever conducted in name of science.

9 The Demon Core

The demon core was a 14 pound, 3.5 inch diameter spherical mass of plutonium stored in Los Alamos laboratory in 1940s. The core went super critical in 2 different incidents, each resulting in radiation poisoning and a death of a scientist.

In August 1945, the core emitted a burst of neutron radiation which killed a scientist named Harry Daghlian. He was performing experiments on the sphere alone and dropped the sphere into the core during one of the experiments resulting in acute radiation poisoning and his death.

Later the sphere was used in the first atom bomb ever created and it performed its task perfectly.

The Demon Core

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

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