10 odd things found in Chinese Wal-Mart

Each country tends to have its own unique customs, unique traditions and especially its own culture. All these influence the living styles and standards of each country’s citizen. According to the habitat and weather conditions, what people of each country eat differs massively.

All these in combination affect whatever is sold in the super markets or the local markets of these countries. Things sold at these markets are specific to the needs of local people and can seem weird to any outsider or a foreigner that visits the country for the first time.

One such country is China, where most of the things are sure to be found weird by foreigners and here are 10 such things that are found in Wal-Mart of China.

1 Dried reptile body parts

Yes you heard and saw right. There are dried reptile body parts being sold in packets as they are considered a delicacy in soups all across China. Animals like lizards, crocodiles, snakes etc are dismembered and their parts are stored on ice and sold to people.

Dried reptile body parts

Image Source: www.diply.com

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