10 Very odd and rare medical conditions you never heard of

Medicinal science always strives to better itself and try and beat whatever diseases that raise their ugly heads. In fact medicinal science has managed to eradicate or are on the verge of eradicating many diseases from this world. Some examples are smallpox, polio and guinea worm disease, which have been fully or mostly eradicated from most parts of the world.

But sometimes, even the medicine science faces conditions that are so rare; they have not been able to find a cure for them. Lack of data, little to no information and rarity of the disease present a big roadblock for science to fight these diseases effectively.

Some diseases are so deadly or painful and rare that they affect only miniscule number of people in the world. Here are 10 such rare and unbelievable diseases.

(Some images are graphic in nature, discretion is advised)

1 Stone Man’s Disease

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) is also known better as Stone man’s disease because this disease turns bones of body into stone, literally.

It is one the rarest and most debilitating genetic conditions. In this condition, bone tissue begins to develop where muscles, tendons or similar connective tissues should be present. This severely hampers the movement of the body. The image is of Harry Eastlack and his skeleton, which shows the extent of bone tissue ossification. Harry’s condition started to develop when he was 10 and by the time he died just before he turned 40, he could only move his lips.

If a bone breaks or a muscle is injured, bone tissue grows over it, connecting body parts in concrete like joints. If a person suffers from FOP, that person gradually becomes a living statue. The gene responsible for FOP as discovered in 2006 and clinical research is underway.

Stone Man’s Disease

Image Source: www.tumblr.com

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